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About Xenith

Empowering Progress with Integrity, Energy, and Technical Expertise

Xenith is an Australian consulting firm servicing industry sectors that sustain global growth. From energy to critical minerals and metals to bio futures and decarbonisation, we work with our clients to create a better future for all stakeholders.

We provide a fully integrated service offering in resources, energy, environment, infrastructure, and bio futures solutions, ensuring sustainable development, operational excellence, and responsible ESG strategies for a profitable and sustainable future.


We facilitate access to land, sea, and air, ensuring compliance and stakeholder respect while prioritising responsible environmental citizenship, commitment to the energy transition, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting beneficial land use for sustainable asset development.

We can assist at any stage of a project’s life cycle, from securing approvals to facilitating sustainable post-closure site outcomes. Our team’s expertise includes land rights, heritage preservation, energy transition and renewable energy integration, and fostering responsible environmental stewardship and beneficial land use for communities and future generations.

We partner with you to navigate complex ESG strategies, supporting compliance with appropriate regulatory interactions, focusing on carbon reduction initiatives and climate risk management, robust social impact assessments including community engagement, human rights (including modern slavery) and supply chain management.

Our services enhance operational performance. We utilise our broad technical skills to develop executable and value accretive business plans, with a level of rigour that ensures total alignment with recognised codes and standards for our clients.

We leverage our global expertise to address complex challenges, providing services that ensure informed decision-making centred on value and operational optimisation and compliance, while emphasising sustainable investment, transparency, accountability, and risk management for the benefit of stakeholders and wider community.

We foster trust in partnership with our clients by providing honest and independent opinions based on science and engineering with finely-honed commercial acumen and detailed market knowledge that is concisely reported.


What’s it like working at Xenith?