The Bowen Basin Symposium was held in Mackay on the 28th– 30th March 2022 with over 400 delegates attending. Xenith supported the symposium by being a ‘Bituminous’ level sponsor and Xenith employees Cheryl Holz, Chris Glover and Troy Turner along with David Peff from Citus/SSE Co attended and looked after the booth. We thought we’d try something different and decided to furnish the booth ourselves and then donate the items to someone who needed them afterwards. This turned out to be a huge undertaking and we certainly couldn’t have managed it without the help of our geology friends Sally, Gabe, Lauren and Kane who all helped to put the furniture together!! Also, a big thanks to Duncan who came and picked the furniture up for us at the end of the symposium, we hope it is being put to good use!

At the Xenith booth we also had a competition running to win a set of MAXTRAX, organised by our partners at Citus and SSE Co. The competition was finalised this week by David Peff and we would like to congratulate Sally Lonie from Yancoal who has won the prize!!

The symposium was a huge success and a wonderfully organised event by the BBGG, David Green and Danique Gerber did an amazing job and were ever present over the 3 days. It was great to attend such an event and to also be present when Dick Sanders and Ken Preston received the 2021 Leichhardt Award at the Symposium Dinner function!! If you didn’t get a chance to call in to see us at our Xenith booth at the symposium, why not check out our website and see if there’s something that we can do to help you!!