Assisting our coal sector clients through every stage of the mining production process, from feasibility, through to exploration and operation.


Xenith has extensive experience across the coal mining industry, delivering demonstrated value to our global clients. From exploration, through to pit production and rehabilitation, our expertise covers the whole-of-mine life from concept through to closure.

Our dedicated team are drawn from a wide variety of management, technical and operational roles and incorporate the latest technologies and new design approaches into providing our coal mining clients with industry leading solutions.

Core services

  • Exploration planning, cost estimation and execution in the field
  • Full turnkey exploration and tenement management
  • Geological modelling and audits of models
  • Concept, pre-feasibility, and feasibility studies
  • Mining method selection and optimisation
  • Equipment selection, benchmarking, and cost estimation
  • Mining pit, production rate and product optimisation
  • Mining roster and labour options analysis


  • Excavate, dump and haul scheduling and simulation
  • Detailed short-term designs and 3D simulations for execution in the field
  • VALMIN Code Valuations and JORC Resource
  • Capital and operating cost estimation
  • Closure, Rehabilitation & Final Landform Planning
  • Onsite and offsite infrastructure
  • Tenure and approvals management
  • Brownfields project tollgating eg. expansions, equipment replacement
  • Due Diligence studies and merger/ acquisition advisory.

Case Study

Our client had recently acquired a coal asset. We were initially asked to produce a budget schedule with given input assumptions. We noticed that the dragline system and dragline planning in general left room for optimisation, so we worked closely with our client to examine options for implementing modern dragline methods which use bulk dozer push and bench configurations that maximise coal uncovery rate and minimise overall cost.

We engaged with stakeholders from senior management to site supervisors to gain acceptance of the changes and monitored implementation of the new approaches. We are now trusted members of our client’s trusted Technical Services team and deliver “Short Range Forecast” schedules, dragline dig plans supported by detailed 3D simulations and a range of other short-term dig and dump designs for execution on site. We have also been able to assist our client with major asset-level decisions to arm them with the right information with which they have confidently navigated the difficult path through the Covid-19 pandemic.