Piter Rattu

1 April 2017
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Piter has over 20 years’ of mining industry experience and has held a number of keyroles throughout his career, specifically as a production engineer, mine planner and geologist.

These roles have exposed Piter to a wide range of responsibilities which have provided him with key skills and capabilities in the many facets of the mining industry including operation, short term planning and pit geology. He has gained experience using Minex, Scheduler, Minescape, Vulcan, Spry, Deswik and Surpac and is also familiar with risk analysis and assessment techniques. Piter’s role as Geologist sees him responsible for a number of key tasks and activities including generation and supervision of a drilling program, 3D geological structure and quality modelling, pit geology, optimisation, pit and dump design and scheduling, life-of-mine planning and mining options studies. Piter has gained sufficient relevant experience to sign off as competent person on Statement of Coal Resources according to JORC Code.