The Xenith Group together with Carbon Logica are excited to inform our clients and associates of a new Strategic Alliance (the ‘Alliance’).

Carbon Logica is a private company that was established to provide carbon abatement services to the mining industry. The company is technology agnostic and works within supportive government frameworks to deliver efficient and practical emissions reduction solutions and projects.

Xenith is an employee-owned business with an extensive consulting division with employees in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia covering the full life cycle for our resources, energy and infrastructure clients. Xenith is also involved in several joint venture companies including software, safety and bio-solutions that is attracting interest from clients and investors.
The Alliance signed this week will expedite the development of solutions for the resources industry, focusing on companies seeking to transition to a lower carbon economy.

Carbon Logica’s Managing Director, Scott Barker, highlighted the enhanced capability for emissions reduction solutions that the Alliance brings to the industry. “There are significant carbon abatement opportunities within the resource industry. The Alliance with Xenith provides an opportunity to leverage their leading position as a resource industry consultancy firm and for Carbon Logica to develop, fund and operate projects in the sector to reduce emissions.”

Xenith’s Managing Director, Troy Turner commented “Xenith’s strengthening position in the ESG arena through organic expansion, M&A through the recent acquisition of Spinifex and James Bailey & Associates and through strategic Alliances like this, Carbon Logica agreement will widen the tangible, practical and executable solutions for our clients”.

Xenith’s General Manager ESG, Luis Filardi added: “Alliances are fundamental to address our clients’ needs when time is of the essence.

Carbon Logica will support Xenith on strengthening Natural Capital Solutions, Bioenergy Technologies and Local Regulatory Requirements for resource companies in Australia and Overseas.

Xenith will continue deploying opportunities in International Carbon Markets, Strategic Advisory on Climate Risk Management and Compliance through our ESG specialists and our wider technical consulting teams, which positions us as unique amongst our competitors”.

For more information please contact:

Xenith – Luis Filardi

Carbon Logica – Scott Barker

About Carbon Logica:

Carbon Logica Pty Ltd (Carbon Logica) is a private company established in 2022 to provide carbon abatement services to the mining industry. Carbon Logica is owned by Xcoal Mining and Helmont Energy.  The business joins together Xcoal’s extensive experience in operating and maintaining some of Australia’s gassiest coal mines and Helmont’s capability to own, operate and maintain carbon abatement technologies that reduce methane emissions. Management of Carbon Logica have developed and operated the majority of Australia’s waste coal mine gas generation fleet, consisting of ~300MW across Australia.

About Xenith:

Xenith is an established global consulting firm operating since 2005. We work across every continent delivering outstanding exploration, mine planning, operational and financial solutions to the world’s leading resources companies and organisations.  Xenith’s ESG Solutions offer reliability for our clients on ESG strategies, projects, statements, reports, and risk management through our principles-based approach and technical excellence, successfully deployed through our team with thought-leading experience.